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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday October 1st: Democrats rising

That's not just the news regarding GOP scandals, that's the news all over:

  • In Minnesota, Blue Stem Prairie reports on this hopeful trend from MN-01's local press:
    Richard Hall recently attended a rally for DFL senate candidate Amy Klobuchar, and as he scanned the room at Daube's Bakery in Rochester, he couldn't help but notice a political trend.

    Many of the people there had once been Republicans.
    There's more to this story...take a look.
  • If you don't think the Foley Page Predator Cover Up story will have an impact nationwide, take a look at this story from Ohio, where Mary Jo Kilroy is quite appropriately turning up the heat on Deborah Pryce, a vulnerable member of the GOP House Leadership. This is the Congress that Pryce helped build; hold her accountable.
  • This story about how GOP Congressman takes money from those he supposedly oversees at Blue Jersey is not just a garden variety tale of how our GOP Congress has ZERO oversight or accountability: it's a nationwide theme. They take the money from those they are supposed to oversee and then pretend to look out for us. Funny how that doesn't seem to be working.
  • For a sample of the persuasive and credible tesimony regarding Senator George Allen's racist mindset look no further than Raising Kaine. George Allen, Trent Lott...both current GOP Senators holding membership in that august body of 100 called the US Senate...at some point folks have got to start asking whether this GOP bunch who run the country really represent a 21st Century America.
  • Finally, Evergreen Politics proves that there's nothing like a visual to make a political point...

    • Like you I sense the dam is poised to burst this November. Numerous Dem candidates are skillfully holding GOP incumbents accountable for the congress as well as political culture they created. Their crony capitalism and hypocrissy on values following the Foley scandal is on trial in the court of public opinion now.

      I enjoyed our exchanges on your Daily Kos diary last night. I'm dissappointed it wasn't rescued. Hope to encounter you again on the blogosphere. Keep up the good work.

      By Blogger Robert Ellman, at 11:30 AM  

    • I just got sent this link for a west coast blog reference which, if you haven't seen it, looks good

      By Blogger mainsailset, at 3:58 PM  

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