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Monday, November 06, 2006

Local news coverage of Robo Calls in New Hampshire

Blogger keener of NH-02 has been covering the NRCC Robo Call campaign from the beginning.

Voters are reporting that the NRCC is making repeated, harassing Robo Calls that pretend to be from the Democratic Candidate but clearly aren't. Now the local news media, WHDH in Boston, is covering this:

But a spokesman for the NRCC said Sunday that are no plans to curtail the campaign that has resulted in a flood of calls to the state Democratic Party from angry voters who think the messages are made on behalf of Democratic congressional challenger Paul Hodes.

Instead, they were coming from the National Republican Congressional Committee on behalf of Rep. Charles Bass, but sound, at first, as though they may be from the Hodes' campaign.

"It's a clear effort on behalf of the Republican Party to annoy and upset New Hampshire residents ... and people are under the assumption they are coming from Paul Hodes," Democratic Party spokeswoman Kathleen Strand said.


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