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Monday, November 06, 2006

the Mainstream Media now covering GOP Robo Call controversy

ABC News number one story on Political Radar this afternoon has this headline: Stop Illegal Robocalling: Dems send Cease and Desist Letter to Republicans:

ABC News' Ellen Davis Reports: Bob Bauer, General Counsel for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent a cease and desist letter to Don McGahn, General Counsel of the National Republican Campaign Committee requesting a stop to what he alleges is an illegal form of random calling of voter's residences using recorded political messages, often known as 'Robo-calling'.

Kossack, and CNN watcher, StarkyLove reports that CNN featured Talking Points Memo's reportage on Robo Calling this afternoon and mentioned that the blogs were "abuzz" with the news.

Update: You can see the CNN coverage on Crooks and Liars. Josh Marshall is also reporting that some media outlets chickened out of covering this story.

Robo Calling may yet prove a net negative for the GOP.


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