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Thursday, November 02, 2006

McCaskill, Stender, Lamont, Walz and Webb: the heat is up all over

Check these out:

  • A BlueStem Prairie reports that the Winona Daily News has come out for Tim Walz. Winona is a lovely town on the Mississippi home to a great fish restaurant and some gorgeous bluffs. Both my mom and dad lived there in their college years. Go Walz!
    (On top of that musician Martin Zellar is rallying for Walz; that's news to warm the heart of any flannel-flying Minnesotan of my generation.)
  • Blue Jersey reports the HUGE news that Politics New Jersey is calling New Jersey 7 a "toss up". For those of us who've been targeting Mike Ferguson for months that is music to our ears. Go Linda Stender!
  • My Left Nutmeg has this GREAT new Lamont ad. Check it out, it'll warm your heart...one of the best political ads this season...Ned Lamont, with alot of help from Frank Capra.
  • Lowell at Raising Kaine heard it right. George Allen's goose is cooked.
  • And, finally, SMART a blog out of Missouri has this great news about another Claire Mc Caskill endorsement. Woohoo!


    • hi kid (and others),

      Got a question for you. Actually it's more pertinent to others of your postings, but (being new to the blogosphere) I'm not sure whether to post it here (responding to a current entry) or there (responding to an older entry, that people may not be looking at any longer).

      Anyway, my question has to do with the blog networking infrastructure that you've been promoting.

      How do you envisage the interface, so to speak, between the blogsphere and the many specific issue campaigns/organizations that progressive bloggers blog about?

      Specifically, I'm a volunteer for the Stem Cell Action Network (www.stemcellaction.org), and we are very active in favoring candidates who strongly support stem cell research, such as (here in Calif.) Garamendi and Bowen. And there are many other groups that, like us, advocate on behalf of the research. What we're starting to do now is create blog entries discussing stem cell research and its current political relevance. You'll notice currently on dailykos that many of us stem-cellars are weighing in on the side of Garamendi, against McClintock. So that creates a link between the stem cell world and the blogosphere. But its not a STRUCTURAL link.

      Here's the way I see that link -- the way it could be in the future. If the blog network is represented by a circle containing progressive political blogs, then specific progressive issue groups (e.g stem cell advocacy, health care reform, environmentalism, women's rights, anti-racism, etc.) would be at the periphery of this circle, but linked (linked how? I don't know, exactly) to blogs within the circle.

      In other words, the blogosphere would be a major means whereby those of us advancing specific issue agendas could get the word out about what we're doing, could recruit people to join us, and could also learn about what people working on other (perhaps related) issues are doing.

      Have others given thought to this aspect of the blogosphere?

      One of the reasons I ask is that I'm already beginning to think about how we can best organize (create Internet infrastructure for) the grassroots in relation to future political battlegrounds, including of course the one in '08.

      By Blogger Raymond Barglow, at 2:45 AM  

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