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Monday, November 06, 2006

MyDD and TPM on Robo Calls

Adam Conner at MyDD has a great post up about Robo Calls and dirty tricks:

With a bit more than 26 hours before the polls close here in Ohio, and across the country the Republicans are in the last throes of their campaign.

You see a pretty stark and fundamental difference between the parties emerge now in the final days of the campaign. Democrats getting out the vote. Republicans trying to suppress the vote. It's the part of the 72-hour program Republicans don't talk about.

But if you think about it, theirs is a campaign tactics that fundamentally undermines democracy itself. They don't want people to vote. Flat out don't want them to vote. Because on a level playing field they lose.

By suppressing voters they're suppressing Democracy. And everyone should be outraged by that.

Josh Marshall, per usual, nails it in a couple sentences:

Only one party has a nationwide campaign to deliver millions of intentionally-harassing calls disguised to appear that they're from the opposite party. That party is the Republican party. And the calls are funded by the NRCC -- the House GOP election committee.

It's the party of election subversion. Deal with it.


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