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Sunday, November 05, 2006

take a look at Abel Guillen

I'd like to invite my fellow Oakland residents to take a look at Abel Guillen who is running for Peralta Community College Board. (These are the folks who run Laney and hence, set the higher education agenda in service of the majority of the residents of the East Bay. Healthy community colleges are essential to any progressive urban agenda.)

Abel is a strong, progressive candidate whose insurgent campaign against the long term incumbent represents a fresh voice in Oakland politics. Abel has won the endorsement of labor, the Greens, the Oakland Tribune, the Bay Guardian and the Peralta Federation of Teachers. That is no small accomplishment.

Oakland politics is seeing a resurgence, and Abel Guillen is perhaps the best representative of a new way of doing politics in our city. Abel is getting young people involved at every step of the process; Abel's commitment to both innovation in serving the community and to excellence in oversight represent a break from the current pattern of business as usual. "Good enough" does not cut it for Oakland anymore; Abel's campaign is about serving our entire community with distinction and energy.

You will not go wrong in supporting Abel Guillen. I highly recommend you take a look at his campaign.


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