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Friday, January 12, 2007

One Graph says It All about the "Surge"

Today's SF Chronicle featured a graphic that says everything anyone needs to know about Bush's proposal for an "escalation for victory" in Iraq.

Here it is.

There have previously been three separate occasions where the United States has had 150,000 plus service personnel in Iraq:

March 19, 2003: U.S. Troop Levels 150,000 Overthrow Saddam Hussein
Jan./Feb., 2005: U.S. Troop Levels 155,000 Post Fallujah, Pre Iraqi Government
Oct., 2005: U.S. Troop Levels 160,000 Iraqi Constitution Approved

The graph makes clear the logical fallacy behind Bush's ill-fated proposal to add an additional 21,000 troops to the 132,000 currently serving in Iraq. How will bringing U.S. troop levels to 150,000+ one more time allow us to control and pacify Baghdad when it didn't in the three previous times we had that many service members stationed in Iraq?

It is January, 2007. How much longer will it take, how much clearer can it be that the Bush Administration has done nothing but lie to cover up the utter failure that is their conduct in Iraq?

That speech was an abject failure in leadership.


  • I wholeheartedly agree. I am worried about all the Iran references. I hope that Bush doesn't create a whole new disaster.

    By Anonymous Archana, at 3:35 PM  

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