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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Josh Marshall: George Bush is Bin Laden's "biggest ally"

Josh Marshall minces no words:

President Bush had bin Laden trapped in the mountains of Tora Bora. But he let bin Laden get away because Bush wanted to focus on Saddam Hussein instead. The president and the White House tried to lie about this during the 2004 election. But since then the evidence has become overwhelming. President Bush decided to let bin Laden get away so he could get ready to attack Saddam Hussein. So pretty much anything bin Laden does from here on out is on President Bush. And how about Iraq? President Bush has screwed things up so badly that he's created a whole new generation of recruits for bin Laden. He's created a whole new army for bin Laden. Not by being tough but by being stupid. And by being too much of a coward to admit his mistakes once it was obvious that the occupation of Iraq was helping bin Laden specifically and the jihadist agenda in general.

After half a decade, the verdict is pretty clear: President Bush has been the biggest ally Osama bin Laden has. He's helped bin Laden at pretty much every turn -- even if only by his own stupidity, incompetence and cowardice. And when the next big terrorist attack comes, we can thank President Bush for helping make it happen.

Read the whole post. It's worth it. While you are at it, if you missed the Jon Stewart/McCain throw down, Jon Amato has the goods for you. It's must-view blogging.

Update: while you are visiting Crooks and Liars...you have to check out this sequence from the Jon Stewart show. It's called "First Term President Bush v. Second Term President Bush". It is, simply put, a classic.


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