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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lobby Reform: Pelosi pushes 'tough measures'

Susan Ferrechio and Martin Kady II report in CQ today that Congressional Democrats are prepared to take a tough stand on much-needed Lobby Reform in Congress.

Despite strong objections from many in their caucus, House Democratic leaders introduced lobbying legislation that would toughen restrictions on when former members can lobby Congress and would force disclosure of bundled political contributions.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who helped her party reclaim the majority on an anti-corruption campaign platform, decided to offer the internally unpopular changes even though many in the caucus complained that they would be too drastic and would fail to resonate with constituents.

At a two-hour meeting with other top Democrats late Tuesday, Pelosi chose to move the legislation in two parts: a main lobbying overhaul bill (HR 2316) and a separate bill (HR 2317) requiring registered lobbyists to disclose bundling — the practice of soliciting donation checks and delivering them in a single bunch to candidates — of more than $5,000 per quarter.

Read the full article for a thoroughgoing breakdown of the provisions and politics of both bills. Additionally, the League of Women Voters has been adamant about tracking this kind of legislation; for more coverage on this topic their site is worth a visit.



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