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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wolcott: a shitstorm is brewing

The ever-incisive Wolcott reminds 'n portends:

I would go through the entire list, but consider: Tom DeLay--gone; George Allen--gone; Rick Santorum--gone; John Bolton--gone; Donald Rumsfeld--gone. It's been clear since the midterm elections that the Bush administration and the Republican Party never anticipated (anymore than I did) that the Republicans would lose both houses of Congress. They assumed--and why wouldn't they?--that they would have two unassailable years to pack the government agencies and the courts with their cronies and gerrymander the Democrats into crippled, ineffectual archipelagos. Two years for Bush to walk tall in the roving spotlight and stage-manage his triumphant stroll into his legacy, a two-term titan with a permanent Republican majority to Reaganize his memory. Two years for Rove to gloat in his desaturated fats of his own genius.



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