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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Congressman Rick Boucher D (VA-9) to CA: Breathe Smog, Suckers!

Congressman Rick Boucher, representing Virginia's 9th district comes from coal country; this senior Democrat has some misguided notions about what's good for his district. Today he teamed up with Congressman John Dingell (MI-15) to propose legislation that would wipe out California's ability to regulate auto emissions in ways that both cut down on smog and reduce total CO2 emissions. In effect, Representative Boucher wants to use his seniority to shove a little more auto smog and coal-fired smoke down Californians' collective throats.

Boucher and Dingell are senior Democrats who don't give a rat's ass what anyone in the grassroots or netroots that just won them a majority perch in Congress thinks of them. They pitched this legislation just as Speaker Nancy Pelosi returned from a trip to Europe building support for progress fighting global warming. Coincidence? Sure. Truth is, Boucher and Dingell were going to do this anyway, and for one reason...they are senior Democrats, hence, they can and they think nobody can stop them.

Seems to me like Boucher and Dingell have torn a page from Richard Pombo's playbook.

Say no to Boucher. Say no to Dingell. This one is worth fighting over.



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