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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chicago Voices 07

I wanted to share with readers here some of the thoughts and reflections of participants in the Chicago Voices project written in their own words on their own blogs. (I'll be featuring more on each of the grant participants, but, for now, I thought I'd just share some of the blogging that's been done. It's awesome.)

Atlanta, Georgia BlogforDemocracy blogger Bernita Smith did a complete run down of the Ykos experience:

Bernita Smith YKos Day 1
Bernita Smith YKos Day 2
Bernita Smith YKos Day 3
Bernita Smith YKos Day 4

Blogger Susie Madrak had this follow up to one of the hot stories of the convention, ideas for a Blogger's Union:

Susie Madrak: Suburban Guerrilla Unions
Susie Madrak: Suburban Guerrilla YK Trivia

Brandon Q. White of the SuperSpade had these reflections, and was joined by Chicago Voices grant participant Amber McZeal in the comments section:

Brandon White on going to Chicago
Brandon White and Amber McZeal on Save Our Girls (Amber's response here.)

Dkos diarist Land of Enchantment spun out a fascinating project called Steppin' Out at YearlyKos:

Land of Enchantment: Steppin' Out

Blogger Matt Ortega summed up his thoughts and liveblogged at 3AM:

Matt Ortega on A Sense of Community
Matt Ortega: Sun Rising over Lake Michigan means it's Time for Bed

Blogger John Leek of Mississippi's Cottonmouth blog had these reflections public transportation in the Big City:

John Leek on the CTA
Cottonmouth Blog on Mississippi Elections

Nezua of the Unapologetic Mexican has begun his posting on his experience:

Nezua: the Unapologetic Mexican on the journey to Yearlykos

Nezua: Back from YearlyKos part II
Nezua: Indig Nation Back from YearlyKos part III

Blogger Kenneth Quinnell from Florida writes at T-Rex's Guide to Life:

Kenneth Quinnell Off to YKos

Kenneth Quinnell The Final Word on YearlyKos
Kenneth Quinnell Tips for Attending YearlyKos
Kenneth Quinnell Yearlykos Link Guide

KQ Session LiveBlogs samples:

Connecting Major Donors to the Netroots
Creating a Culture of Online Giving
Wesley Clark at YKos

Blogger and Deaniac Terri-in-Tokyo did some liveblogging in this diary:

Terri in Tokyo Liveblogs YearlyKos

Jose founds a New Blog coming out of YearlyKos

Don't Just Dream, Act, a new blog!

Ryan of the DailyKingfish kept blogging locally through the convention

The DailyKingfish
Ryan McCleod blogs on Amber McZeal and the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project

Carla from the Oregon Blog Loaded Orygun had these YKos-themed posts:

Carla Live from YearlyKos
Carla Live from YearlyKos Day 2
Carla Live from YearlyKos Day 2 ii
Carla Live from YearlyKos Day 3
Carla Liveblogs the Obama Breakout session
Carla Liveblogs the Keynote
Carla's Final Thoughts on YearlyKos

Blogger Matt Thompson of South Dakota used the trip to YKos as an impetus to create a South Dakota blog alliance:

South Dakota Blog Alliance


  • DonĀ“t you need to get a job before you join a union?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:07 AM  

  • Hello Kid Oakland,
    Thank you for given me the opportunity to be the part of the Chicago 17. I met great people that I will never forget in my life. As you can see you got into the blogging thing. I think this is better than myspace.

    By Blogger Dream Act, at 5:23 PM  

  • :)

    By Blogger John Wesley Leek, at 9:54 AM  

  • Great work kid. Looking forward to Nez minidoc on YK. You earned a mentioned on my podcast and probably be talking up you and much more of the progressive blogosphere every chance I get. Keep up the good work.

    By Blogger Rafael, at 11:40 AM  

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