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Monday, February 25, 2008

Barack Obama in Kenya

This is a BBC article about United States Senator Barack Obama serving our country and representing our nation in Africa.

As part of that trip, Senator Obama and his wife, Michelle, took a public HIV test to raise awareness of HIV testing in Africa. It was an effort to save lives.

Mr Obama walked through rubbish and sewage as he toured Kibera, the slum home to at least 600,000 people, many without jobs or legal title to the land they inhabit.

He told thousands of cheering admirers that he would tell Americans about their troubles and lobby for more help.

"Everybody in Kenya needs the same opportunities to go to school, to start businesses, to have enough to eat, to have decent clothes," he said over a loudspeaker.

Mr Obama visited micro-finance institutions - which pool members' resources to provide small business loans - a women's self-help group, and Carolina for Kibera, a project run by the University of North Carolina to raise awareness about HIV and Aids.

On Saturday Mr Obama and his wife Michelle took HIV/Aids tests at Kisumu, which has one of Kenya's highest rates of HIV prevalence, to encourage local people to do the same.

Kibera lacks almost all government services, including water.

Here is a picture of Senator Obama from that trip representing the United States in the nation of Kenya:

Image Copyright BBC/AFP.


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