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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning at the California Democratic Party Convention

It's 8:30 and the temperature outside the convention hall is starting to heat up (metaphor alert, it's actually chilly) in anticipation of the final morning of the convention. San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris will speak for Senator Barack Obama. President Bill Clinton will speak on behalf of his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton. There's also the final chapter in the Leno/Migden endorsement saga which, I am assuming, was pushed to the convention at large with the gathering of some 600 petition signatures by Leno supporters last night.

The graphics in the main hall are branded with the theme of Democrats "Making History" and featuring somewhat blurred photographs of Democratic icons like Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Harvey Milk, Robert F. Kennedy, Shirley Chisholm and Thomas Jefferson interspersed with photographs of Senators Clinton and Obama. This can create some interesting juxtapositions of speakers and background graphics.

Yesterday featured speeches by notables Jerry Brown, John Garamendi, Gavin Newsom and Willie Brown. Willie Brown's speech was notable for its call to party unity and following the rules. It was well received by many in the hall.

Today's final session will pack some drama...and (some likely idle) speculation of last minute special guest...????


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