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Monday, April 21, 2008

Ed Rendell failing to win the youth vote

In general, insulting the people you are trying to persuade is a bad idea.

Rendell: But what I find amazing, particularly because our students are brighter than ever and it doesn't matter whether it's Penn or Lasalle or whatever, the students go and drink the Kool-Aid of a wonderful speech...

For what it's worth, "drinking the Kool Aid" is either a reference to the mass suicide of Jonestown or the drug-taking of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.

Either way, it has nothing to do with where millenial voters (voters born after 1975) are at today. As someone who has met, literally, thousands of Obama supporters, I can also say that "drinking the Kool Aid" is an epithet so far off the mark that it's not even an insult.

Anyone who would use the phrase has already proven that they have no idea what they are talking about. Obama's supporters are dedicated, sincere, informed and for the most part, pretty damn pragmatic. Major misstep for Clinton and Rendell with the youth vote.

Btw, this HuffPost commenter highlights the deception in Rendell's reference to Clinton's "action" for young people. Obama co-sponsered the very same bill:

Have to question Rendell's comment at the end of this video that HRC introduced and passed a student loan bill. I just did a search on thomas.gov and could find no such bill. The only thing I could find is a bill (S.1642) introduced by Senator Kennedy. Hillary was a co-sponsor, along with more than a dozen other senators...including Obama. Can anyone find something I missed?

Like I said, dedicated, sincere and informed...


  • I am offended by the kool-aid remark. i read it from posters on Kos and HuffPo; and when you strip it down they're basically saying that we're a bunch of idiots who have been brainwashed by Obama. Following that up with - in the end, he will kill us. The thing is, what I really see is Racism and they don't even realize it. They have 100 excuses for not giving Obama the vote, but none have any validity or are based in reality. They just can't understand how this man has stirred up such a raucous; but if you look at MLK and his oratory abilities he was able to do the same thing - was MLK a jim jones too?

    By Blogger TheUrbanRevolution, at 8:28 AM  

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