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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jake Tapper and ABC News: "bloggers"

Jake Tapper has a blog at ABC News, Political Punch, and the comment policy there is bizarre.

They delete almost any comment I've ever made but leave up the most bone-headed, right-wing trollish posts ever.

Now, I'm not known for making comments worthy of deleting (I'm not offensive, insulting, or rude...and try to make substantive, thought-provoking points), but Mr. Tapper's staff seem to have a fondness of deleting almost everything I post! It's reached a point where readers respond to my comments, but the comment itself has been removed.

How many other comments is Political Punch deleting, and, if the policy is to delete comments of some users why do they leave up so much offensive dreck?

The comment deleting policy at Political Punch is something to keep in mind next time you read the cesspool that is the comment section there. ABC isn't just okay with that state of the comments on Political Punch, but has worked to make it that way.


  • Well, since he works in media, are you really surprised? I may be jumping the gun quickly on that -- but I am not surprised.

    We have a similar issue on commenting policies at my blog. The biggest thing I say to people is, if you don't like it -- go blog it elsewhere. I think you've done that just fine. Thanks for letting me know to not waste my time over there.

    By Blogger Adorable Girlfriend, at 12:58 PM  

  • I've had many comments deleted from Tapper's "blog", and basically came to the conclusion that it's only intermittently monitored. It seems almost random, but out of laziness I think whoever moderates it might have id'd some people as "troublemakers". I've also seen huge blocks of comments summarily deleted. I think they like to keep the numbers of comments small to encourage people to post.

    It's probably a waste of time to post there. It's basically a lot of ignorant shouting. Does Tapper actually read the comments?

    By Anonymous Tungsten, at 10:39 PM  

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