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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

little lost pundits

Reading this utterly idiotic non-story from Chris Cillizza which echoes this tripe from Ben Smith which is somewhat reflected in this bank shot post from the Plank...a pattern forms.

You realize that the pundit class doesn't have a grasp of the dynamics of this campaign. Not in the least.

The challenge that Barack Obama poses to Clinton and the GOP is precisely that he has run his campaign as its lone focus and spokesperson.

Clinton is not the lone focus of her campaign.
McCain is not the lone focus of his campaign.

Their campaigns are the weaker for it.

If 2008 were to devolve into a battle between Clinton and McCain....well, as a nation, we would lose the thread what with Bill and Penn and Wolfson and Rove and W and Ickes getting their digs in.

Barack Obama is out there day in and day out answering all the questions and setting the tone of his campaign and this election cycle, for better and for worse. It is a deliberate campaign strategy. He is the driving force of this campaign cycle. Barack Obama is 2008. The news stories, even the critical, sniping ones, are about him. He is getting better as a candidate before our eyes. He is mapping where we, as a nation, will go if we elect him president.

You can't say the same for Chris Cillizza. He does not get it.

And it shows.


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