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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

four step up: NYT sidesteps

There's a David Johnston NYT piece up....finally...tonight:

"Ms. Miller's meeting with the prosecutor, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, focused on notes that she found in the Times newsroom in Manhattan after her appearance before the grand jury on Sept. 30. She took the notes during a conversation on June 23, 2003, with I. Lewis Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff.

An entry in her notes referred to Joseph C. Wilson IV, the former ambassador whose criticisms of the Bush administration's Iraq policy had begun circulating in the capital in the spring and summer of 2003."

Which, coming from the Times, feels like a bombshell. It's really the bare minimum they could report. As Jay Rosen notes, they owe us so much more; and as awol noted in a comment the other day, it is like lawyers are writing these pieces. This paragraph, however, at the end of the article, signals something new:

"In another development, four senior House Democrats wrote to Mr. Fitzgerald in a letter dated Oct. 12, urging him to issue a final report to Congress when he concludes his inquiry. Such a report, they said, should address "all indictments, convictions and any decisions not to prosecute."...[snip]

The representatives said Mr. Fitzgerald had the authority to issue such a report under the terms of his appointment as special counsel at the Justice Department."

These Democrats...Conyers, Harman, Lantos and Rush Holt...have now made it clear: this is no time for lies and hiding, it's time to clean house in D.C.


  • It's resignation time for Cheney...especially if he goes down as an unindicted conspirator!

    By Blogger JohnnyCougar, at 10:36 PM  

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