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Thursday, August 17, 2006

tour de blog: NV-Sen, MN-01, PA-04, NC-08

While work on the k/o list continues, here's some fresh local blog posts to tide you over:

  • Democratic Senate Candidate, Jack Carter (NV) just won his Democratic primary. Reno and its Discontents has an interview with the candidate. Turn Tahoe Blue gives Harry Reid some hell for his lack of support in this race.
  • Local blogger Vox Verax, who covers Democrat Tim Walz's effort in MN-01, asks, Just Whose Dairy Farms Does Gil Gutknecht Represent?...while fellow local MN blogger Evil Bobby gets personal and writes Gil a letter.
  • 2 Political Junkies speculates on when we'll get to see vulnerable GOP incumbent Melissa Hart (PA-04) debate her Democratic challenger Jason Altmire on health care. "Any time" doesn't look like "any time soon."
  • If you've been following the 2006 netroots blog buzz, you've seen the name Larry Kissell come up. Howie Klein's Blue America has locked onto this NC race. Kissell is up against GOP Robin Hayes in NC-08. Local blogger, The Southern Dem takes on the race in local style with a piece called the Politics of Barbecue...while the Hotline covered an innovative Kissell campaign strategy you may have missed.

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